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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Looking up

Things are improving around here. I'm physically feeling better. I've still got quite a deep, annoying cough, but overall I'm much better. I got out of the house today and back on to the road. It felt so good to run once again! I covered 6.5 miles, stopping near the end to take in a few minutes of a disc dog competition, before returning home. My pace was good, and my lungs survived. I'm pretty wiped out right now, but it was worth it.

I may run a bit longer tomorrow. My friend, T, offered me a spot next to her on her 13 mile run, and I just may take her up on that. I like running with her. It keeps me a bit more relaxed and out of "training mode" when we share the road. I'm not ready to get back into training mode quite yet. I'd like to take a few more relaxed, fun runs prior to getting back on schedule. The Twin Cities Marathon, in early October, is up next.

I spent a fair amount of today's run re-living my Grandmas Marathon performance. It's funny. Today I felt nothing but joy and satisfaction, and none of last Saturday's strain and discomfort, during my mental re-cap. It's another beauty of marathoning. When I run well, the pain and discomfort quickly fades. I guess it's one of many reasons I keep going back for more.

I'm off to dinner with a friend now. I've been a bit couped up with this virus, so it will be nice to get out and socialize with someone I enjoy. I'm looking forward to next week. I have just 2 days of work before Jet and I will be off to spend 5 days in northern Wisconsin with D at his lake home. D and I haven't seen each other since mid-May, so I'm really happy we'll have this time together. Maybe I'll get back on my training schedule after that.


Dizzy said...

Good luck with your marathon

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and getting back to some running. And your vacation time sounds great! That should give you the relaxation you need to get rid of this virus.