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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feeling pooped!

I just returned home from my evening kettlebell weight training class, which ended three extra long, extra busy days of work and life. Attempting to fix myself something to eat after class, I suddenly realized I felt faint. I'm not close to passing out or anything, but I am totally wiped out! My muscles, cardiovascular system, and brain are all on empty.

I knew I was tired before the class began. I got home from work with only about 25 minutes to spare prior to class beginning. I could feel the fatigue in my muscles and my brain as I got ready to go. I actually thought about skipping class. If it was a scheduled run, I probably would have skipped it, but we are expected to attend every kettlebell class. I rather would have taken a nap.

Well, not surprisingly, the class was tougher than usual. I was winded from the start, but I took more time than usual transitioning between exercises, mini-breaks, and made it work. Unfortunately, now I can barely keep myself upright. I'm really pooped!

I'm a little concerned, as I sit here feeling like a wet dish rag, because I plan to run 17 miles tomorrow. Typically I would run long on Saturday, but I have a short race on Saturday, which most of my co-workers are doing, so I want to run it, too. Also, D is coming this weekend. I don't want to waste 3 hours of our time together running alone. It will be best if I can get the 17 done tomorrow, but we'll see.

I'm really looking forward to my day away from work tomorrow. I do have plenty of things to accomplish before D's arrival on Friday, but hopefully a good night's sleep will help me recover and energize. I think it will be an early night tonight. I'll let you know how it all works out.


Pat Davis said...

Sometimes an unscheduled rest day will do wonders to your performance, so take it easy tomorrow if you want to really race on the weekend. Understand your goal is longer and the 17 miles is probably important, but sometimes you can do more harm than good when training. good luck.

Mercy said...

Hi, sorry to just jump in but I have only just found you! I am a runner/depression sufferer, and I am so pleased you are here.
I need to go back and read your past blogs, but in passing so to speak, take it easy especially in the hot weather.

Anonymous said...

I hope after a good night rest you were able to run your long run on Friday and felt good!! Enjoy your weekend with D!

Linda said...

I just found your blog today...and I echo Mercy's comment.