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Friday, August 2, 2013

Jet's Surgical Consult

Jet and I made the trek to the orthopedic surgery veterinarian yesterday. Unfortunately, the consulting vet hadn't yet seen Jet's x-rays, as my vet neglected to mail them. I'm not sure how that happened, as he received the rest of Jet's file. Regardless, we went ahead with the consult. He read the radiologist's report, manually checked all of Jet's joints, and watched him walk and run. Without the x-rays, of course, he couldn't confirm the fragmented coronoid process diagnosis, but we discussed the options for that diagnosis anyway.

The best option for a dog Jet's age is arthroscopic surgery.  If Jet was older, in fact, surgery wouldn't be an option, so it's actually good he developed this at an early age. Go figure. The surgeon will clean out the debris in the joint and remove any free-floating bony fragments. The vet wants to see the x-rays before we schedule anything, but the sooner Jet has the surgery the better his long-term outcome will be.

Besides figuring out how to manage this financially, I'll have to try to get a loan, the most challenging aspect of this surgery will be Jet's recovery. The recovery will take at least 6 weeks, and Jet has to be still and quiet the entire time. Still and quiet are words that have never been applicable to Jet! I'm not sure who will crack first, me or Jet! It's going to be very difficult for both of us!

I feel a little better now that I've met with the surgeon. He said it's "not unheard of" for a dog Jet's age to have a complete recovery from this procedure and to regain normal function for years to come. He wouldn't even rule out Jet running with me in the future. It may be a possibility. Unfortunately, the reality is Jet does have arthritis already, and the surgeon confirmed it will only progress over time. He recommended I begin supplementing Jet's diet with fish oil immediately, which I will do, as fish oil is apparently quite good for animal joints. I'll do whatever I can.

I left the vet consult feeling a little hopeful, a little worried, and a little overwhelmed. I need to look into financing the surgery somehow. I want to be ready to go as soon as the vet calls with confirmation of the diagnosis and plan. I need to look into getting some sort of small outdoor kennel so that Jet can at least be outside while being still and quiet. He loves being outside, and I don't want to take that away from him. And I need to keep praying. I need to trust my higher power and have faith this will all work out eventually. I can only take the actions for which I have control. I need to leave the outcome to something bigger than me.


Kelly said...

I'm glad you left the appointment with some positive feelings. I'm also glad to hear that it is possible that he will, in fact, be able to run with you!

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I'm glad that you have more information now and have some things that you can do and work on. I will keep you and Jet in my prayers and hope for a wonderful outcome for both of you!

Pat Davis said...

Sounds encouraging. Good luck and you are doing right by your dog regardless the outcome.

Unknown said...

thanks so much for this blog. you are very encouraging.