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Monday, August 19, 2013

Wonderful Weekend!

A good race, lots of great food, an improv show, some beautiful gardens, and a loving relationship; those were a few of the highlights of my weekend away with D. We spent the weekend together in Madison, Wisconsin. Our relationship continues to grow deeper and deeper. I so enjoy spending time with him, and he is so good to me. This weekend was really special.

After a nice dinner with D and his son Friday evening, all three of us toed the starting line of the Madison Half Marathon Saturday morning. D's son and I were pretty evenly matched. I finished the hilly but scenic race in 1:42:04, D's son came in around 1:43:20, and D finished just under 2 hours. We were all fairly satisfied with our times. My time was decent, especially since I didn't taper for the event, but I was most happy with my age group performance. I finished 8th out of 190 women in my age group. That was very satisfying.

D's son joined us for burgers after the race before he departed for home. D and I stayed to play. We had some restful time together after the race and before dinner and an improv comedy show Saturday evening. That was a blast! It was so fun to laugh out loud for 2 hours! Improv comedians are quite impressive! We enjoyed their talent and wit.

Sunday morning I had a beautiful run along the shore of one of Madison's three lakes. D and I then spent most of the day wandering about at The Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Oh my! Everyone raved about this place in online reviews, and they were all correct. What a treasure! I am not a gardener, and I barely know a rose from a carnation, but this place was unbelievably beautiful! We walked, gawked, and talked for hours. It was a peaceful, lovely end to a wonderful weekend.

I'm now back to reality in my living room. Work went well today, although I did have trouble staying focused. My thoughts kept flashing back to my weekend with D and forward to Jet's surgery tomorrow. Surgery will take place at a clinic about 1 hour and 15 minutes north of here. I'll drop him off at 7:30 in the morning, drive back here and attempt to work all day, and then return to pick him up tomorrow evening. That's reality.

I'm worried and sad. I wish I could explain to Jet what's going to be happening to him. He won't understand why I won't feed him tomorrow morning. He won't know why I'm leaving him in a strange, chaotic place with unfamiliar people. He'll wake up in pain. I feel so bad that he's got to go through this process. I'm saying my prayers. I appreciate any you can spare as well. Of course I'll let you know how everything goes.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a wonderful weekend. You and Jet will be in my prayers.