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Monday, February 17, 2014

Race recap

My first race since my most recent depression episode is now under my belt. Saturday morning was gray and cold, much colder than predicted. There was also a 10-15 mile per hour wind, which resulted in really chilly conditions. I couldn't feel the toes on my left foot until after the three mile mark!

It was a small race, and because of the cold and poor road conditions, we ran two 6.55 mile loops instead of the 13.1 mile loop we were supposed to run. It was tough, when I arrived back at the starting line half way through the race, tired and cold, to turn around and leave again. But I did.

Overall, I am pleased and displeased with the results of the race. I started a bit too fast and by mile three was already struggling. I am displeased with how difficult the race was for me. In the end, I averaged 8:11 per mile, which is good, but I really struggled to maintain my pace during the race. By the time I finished, I was absolutely wasted, chilled to the bone, and very glad to be done.

Despite the difficulty maintaining my form and pace while running, I am pleased with my overall time and pace. An 8:11 pace is good. I ran just under an 8 minute pace in my last half marathon, which was last August. I was several pounds lighter and in the middle of marathon training last August, so it makes sense I was faster then. I expected that. I'm happy I approached the pace I ran then.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you my overall half marathon time, as the course ended up being about one half mile short. My GPS read 12.48 miles at the finish line, and I ran that in 1:42:11. Doing the math, I figure that would have put me in around 1:47 if the course had been measured accurately. Again, that's only a few minutes slower than the effort last August, so I'm pleased.

I'll be happier when I'm a little more comfortable running fast, but for a first effort after my long layoff, I'm fairly satisfied. In addition, this race gave me some good information as to my current level of fitness. I've got plenty of room to grow and improve, and that motivates me to keep working hard. I'm coming into my two toughest weeks of marathon training, so the motivation couldn't have come at a more perfect time.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! They say the cold weather affects a body as much as heat, since your body uses energy to warm up. Considering that, you did even better!

Diana said...

GREAT to read your post about running and times....for those who follow it has been a while since such a post....just wanted to point that out to you as you may not realize it but you are well on the road to recovering from this episode !!!!