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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow, snow go away!

Another blizzard is on my doorstep. Yes, I am complaining! This winter's pattern of bitter cold, followed by snow, followed by bitter cold, and then more snow has been wearing. We are in the midst of the coldest February, by far, on record, and today we are expecting up to another 10 inches of snow. The sky is a drab, heavy, gray right now. It looks like it is ready to open up at any moment. I'm tired of it.

Running has been more challenging this winter than any other recent winter I can remember because of this weather. I've had to be very flexible, as I've had to make constant adjustments to my schedule. For example, I typically do my tougher workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but like this week, I've often had to do two tough workouts in a row in order to accommodate Mother Nature. I ran 9 miles Tuesday and instead of running my hill workout today, which would have been difficult in a blizzard, I ran my six, quarter mile hill repeats yesterday. I'll do a quick 4 mile recovery run in a few minutes, hopefully before the sky opens up. Tomorrow will be a rest day prior to my 19-miler on Saturday. I don't yet know what Mother Nature has in store for me then.

Despite the constant schedule juggling, I cannot complain about my running lately. Yes, the race this past weekend could have felt better, but I think I'm where I should expect to be after such a severe depression episode, weight gain, and long layoff. I've been losing the weight, and I've noticed a lighter, freer stride with each pound lost. It really has made a difference. The race, and the effort of running fast, seems to have opened something up in me, too. Since the race on Saturday, my training pace has dropped. I'm enjoying that.

Well, the sky is not looking any less foreboding right now, so I've got to get out the door. I'll take any happy, productive thoughts you may have this Saturday morning. I'm a little intimidated by 19 miles, especially after the difficulty I had with 17 miles two weeks ago. I just hope I feel okay and get it done. May we all go forward toward our goals in the days to come. Carry on, my friends.

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