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Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting back to it

I'm thinking about running a marathon Memorial Day weekend. It's my local race, so it's easy logistically to manage. I've been tentatively planning on running the race for months now, but my struggles in Boston made me think twice. I haven't yet signed up, but there are still slots remaining so that shouldn't be an issue. I just have to make up my mind.

Whether I run Memorial Day or not, I still need to get right back to training, because I am also signed up to run Grandmas Marathon in June. So I spent the weekend getting back to it. I ran 12 miles on some very tired legs Saturday. My legs were hungover from a 45-minute weight lifting class I took at the gym on Friday. I'm glad I made the effort, though, because by Sunday I felt a lot better. I kicked out a pretty good 6-miler in some pretty crappy weather yesterday afternoon. It felt good to feel good while running again.

Other than running, my life is pretty boring right now. I'm not getting many shifts at work, so I'm spending a lot of time alone at home. I'd rather be working. I wish I were working. I even put in an application at another company today. If they hire me, I'll be working on-call for three different organizations. But at least this third company is looking to fill some hours right now.

My mood has been fairly stable since returning from Boston. I'm always concerned about a dip occurring after a marathon, but I think I've escaped the dip this time. I expect my mood will continue to be good if I could just get some regular hours at work and get back on a regular schedule. I function much better with a regular schedule. Don't you? Carry on, friends!

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Kelly said...

This is the first time that I've had a real, set schedule in about eight years and it has done wonders for my mood. I just graduated in May, so for a handful of years I was on a random-ish student schedule and then there were the years where I was going online and had no real schedule. I didn't realize how much a schedule helped until now. I hope you are able to pick up more hours. Glad to hear you're doing well.