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Friday, October 24, 2014


Surgery, so far, has been a success. Of course it's hard to tell exactly, as I'm still in the initial stages of recovery. I had my right hip arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday. The surgeon did a CAM and Pincer resection, for those of you wanting the specifics, which is exactly what was planned. Basically, he resected bone from the hip socket and the head of the femur in order to stop the impingement (pinching) which was causing my pain.

Fortunately, I am able to put as much weight as I tolerate on my right leg. In fact, once I awoke from the procedure, I was able to walk out of the building. It hurt, but it was nice to be able to put weight on my leg immediately. Since Tuesday, things have improved. I've already been able to discontinue my pain meds, and my limping has gotten less and less pronounced. I'm hoping to be able to walk Jet by this weekend and to get on my stationary bike by early next week.

I'm hopeful this procedure, my third, will take care of my pain permanently. It is going to be quite difficult to lay low and not run for three months. Of course, the weather has been absolutely perfect for running since Tuesday. God has a strange sense of humor. In two weeks, after my incisions fully heal, I'll be able to get in the pool. I dislike getting into a cold pool, and swimming bores me, but I'm committed to maintaining as much of my fitness as possible. My mental health depends on it.

In other news, my parents, who have been very helpful over the past couple days, have left to go south for the winter. I won't see them again until May, 2015. My mood always takes a bit of a hit when they leave, and today is no exception. I enjoy my parents. We have been making up for lost time over the past few years, and we've gotten closer and closer during that time. I miss them when they are gone for so long, but I'm happy they have found a lifestyle which suits them and keeps them active.

And that's today's news. I'm off to run some errands and lift some weights (arms only) at the gym. The quest to stay fit starts today.


Anne said...

Good to hear surgery went well. I was thinking that maybe you could plan to do a triathlon after you're recovered. You could train for the swimming and biking part now and leave the running for later. That way you have a goal to work towards. On the other hand, if swimming bores you this may sound stupid. Just my two cents. I hope you can stick to something that works for you. Wishing you all the strength you need!

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I'm glad you're have such good results so far from the surgery. It must feel good to have the worst behind you.

Maybe you will develop a love for swimming (?) over the next few months. :-) When I was in grad school and in close proximity to an indoor pool, I loved the water.

nyawela_soandso said...

Hi there! I'm happy that your surgery went well and hope that you won't have to endure another. I love your enthusiasm to do whatever you can to keep fit until you can run again. I wish you a speedy but complete recovery :)