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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Seven miles

My big news today is I ran 7 miles this morning. It's below zero here, so I ran it on the treadmill. I focused on running it one mile at a time, with one minute walk breaks at each mile. With a 5 minute warm up and cool down, I was on the 'mill for 75 minutes. And while it was tough, I actually felt pretty good! I was quite pleased.

My right hip did get sore, but it was muscular soreness, which doesn't concern me as much as joint soreness would. I know my hip muscles are weak. I'll keep working on that. My hip joint felt good though, and it still does hours later. That pleases me, too.

I really didn't know what to expect when I got on the treadmill. I worked two long days on Friday and Saturday, and I was totally wiped out last night. I slept fairly well overnight, but my energy as I stepped on the treadmill was still pretty low. Nonetheless, I knew I wanted to run long. I had a plan, and I stuck to it. I'm so glad it worked out well.

I'm grateful to be running again. Starting over after my three month layoff has not been easy. I knew it wouldn't be. I'm trying to stay positive through the tough, heavy runs. Having a quality run like I did today, with my legs churning and my breathing controlled, is medicine for my soul. I am a happy soul right now.


Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I ran 6 miles on the treadmill this morning, in two-mile increments. I had started out certain that I would need a break after my .25 mile warm up, but I found myself well past that when I checked the distance and kept seeing if I could go another quarter mile before stopping. I eventually got to two miles (at my slow pace) and finally took a break. Then I wanted to see if I could do that again. And I did. I was certain I was too tired to do it a third time, but I decided to see how far my weary legs could carry me. Another twofer.

Plus it's given me a whole day away from my depression. I'll probably have an endorphin crash tomorrow, which will be well timed since I'll be seeing my therapist then. Grrrrr!

Anonymous said...

But enuf about me. I neglected to say how happy I am that you're continuing to have good days.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you are able to run and that you are feeling better in general. I can tell from the tone of your post that you are doing better- it just sounds lighter. Way to go with the running and everything else you've courageously done to help yourself.

Laura :)

Major Depression said...

I know you can do it
Keep on and always try brother :D
Btw, can you give me suggestion how to run right? I still confuse about how to regulate the breath