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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Injury Update

I'm unhappy to report my mood has taken a bit of a hit this week. The primary reason for the downturn is my injury. I injured my right Achilles tendon toward the end of a 17.5 mile run while on vacation about 10 days ago. I have not been able to run since. In fact, walking has even been challenging at times. I think things are very slowly improving, but the lack of major improvement worries me. I'm worried I might have more than just some tendinitis. I could possibly have a partial tear, and that would require a lot of healing time.

Right now I don't have that time if I want to keep my training on track. I was not able to run my half marathon two days ago. My 20-miler, scheduled for this weekend, looks doubtful. I was hoping to run The Med City Marathon on May 24th and of course, Grandma's Marathon in mid-June. Those dates are fast approaching, while my injury is too slowly healing.

I'm also frustrated by this injury because I was just getting back to the point where running was feeling easy and joyful again. Coming back from hip surgery required work, and that's what running felt like for several months, hard work. Over the last few weeks, I felt the flow returning. Now I'm faced with possibly having to begin all over again. That is, if this ever heals!

Of course, I know the tendon will eventually heal. It's just not going to be on my timetable, which would have been yesterday! Patience may be a virtue, but it's not necessarily one of my virtuous characteristics when it comes to running. I'm so anxious to get back to training, it's difficult to see others out running around the neighborhood. Kind of silly, but that's where I'm at.

Interrupted training is not my only concern. My mood has definitely been knocked down by this injury. When I can't run my mood is not well protected. I'm susceptible to emergence of depression symptoms. I know this. And I'm doing my best to combat it. But my mood has taken a hit. I feel it slowly creeping downward. I need to keep working hard to stay afloat.

And that's what I've been doing, working hard. Even though I've yet to find a suitable substitute for running, I have been exercising vigorously daily. I need to keep the endorphins flowing, or I know I'll soon be dealing with more than just an Achilles injury.

Since I injured myself, I've biked for at least an hour several times. I swam a few days ago. And today I ordered some inline skates. I'm hoping I can achieve similar cardiovascular and emotional benefits by substituting skating for running. Hopefully I won't break my neck in the meantime. I'll let you know how the story continues.


Jean Grey said...

I had really bad Achilles tendonitis that just would not heal. One of the PT's that I worked with recommended wearing shoes with a heel. I got those Dansko clogs and wore them most of the time, and it worked.

Anonymous said...

I got this same injury just yesterday, about 5 days before our local half-marathon this Saturday. I will not run for 4 days and see if it heals. Definitely buying new shoes. This is frustrating to runners. When I cannot run I get very grouchy and irritated. My suggestion to you is don't do two marathons. Pick just one. John.