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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Napping Queen

If there was an award for sleeping, I'm afraid I'd be wearing a crown right now. I'm glad there isn't an award, because I'm not really crown material. Baseball hat, maybe, but not a crown. I digress. I'm tired! I was planning to write an amazing post this past weekend, but I couldn't get off my sofa long enough to do so. I promise, though, it would have been amazing!

Not only did I fail to write, I failed to clean my house, play with my dog, go to my meeting, or even watch a historical program I'd been planning to see. Activities I espoused, in my most recent post, as essential to maintaining my mental health fell by the wayside. Instead, I slept.

I'm not sure why I was so somnolent. After sleeping in, I napped three times on Saturday. I alternated between my bedroom and my sofa. Nothing, and I mean nothing, got done. It was as if I had the flu, but I didn't. I just couldn't stay awake, and even when I was awake, I was sleepy. Motivation was non-existent on Sunday, too, as the somnolence continued. At some point, and I think this actually happened early Saturday, I gave up fighting. I slept as long and as often as needed. I just let it be.

My week got off to a better start yesterday. I actually felt somewhat rested when I got out of bed. Work went well. I was busy but not overwhelmingly so. I felt productive. By the time I got home, I did need another nap, but that's pretty routine for me. After napping, I even had enough energy to exercise last night.

I actually figured out how to ride my stationary, recumbent bike with my boot. As I sat down to ride, my mom, who was visiting, exclaimed, "I thought you weren't supposed to do any activity with that leg. Isn't that going to be bad for your Achilles?" I replied, "It will be bad for me if I don't exercise." She understood exactly what I meant and let me ride.

I'm tired again today. I've been sleeping a bunch. Maybe work followed by an hour of riding last night was too much. I'd hate to think so, but who knows? For whatever reason, I've been tired. As long as the fatigue abates soon, I'm not going to let it worry me. For now, I'm going to keep letting my body be my guide. And my body is saying, sleep!

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Major Depression said...

I think you mustn't worry to much :)
If you want to sleep then go to sleep and get your energy back :D