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Monday, November 30, 2015

What a day

As we say here in Minnesota, "Uff da!" If I could change the outcome, I'd like to have this day over. I had a perfectly nice, productive day planned. Unfortunately, about the only thing that went as planned was my morning cup of coffee. It all blew up after that.

Shortly after finishing my coffee I arrived at the tire shop for my routine tire rotation. In and out in 45 minutes. That was the plan. That was before the nice tire guy informed me that one of my tires was so worn, and worn so unevenly, it was unsafe to put it back on my vehicle. They had to replace it with the spare. The other three tires were fine, they were only 2 years old, but since I have an all wheel drive vehicle, I needed four new tires.

Not only did I need four new tires, the nice tire guy also told me my vehicle was out of alignment, which is why one tire was worn so unevenly. My head began to spin. Dollars flying out the window flashed before my eyes. Damn. I'm just getting back on my feet! I took a deep breath to stave off the panic.

My plans for the day were shot. Appointments were cancelled. The shop I was at didn't have four new tires in stock. They were swamped with customers, as was every other tire shop in town. Apparently the snow overnight, and the predicted snow and ice this afternoon, was a signal to everyone in Rochester to get their tires checked. I know this to be true because I spent most of the rest of the day driving from one shop to the next looking for the best tires, at the best price, which could be installed ASAP.

I procured 8 estimates from five different shops for 8 different tires. The prices varied, none of them reasonable, but nobody could get me in today. In addition, half the shops didn't perform alignments, and the other half were scheduled out several days. Plus, I don't know anything about tires, so I had to do some research. Long story short, the least expensive tires received the worst consumer reviews. If I wanted to be safe driving in the snow, I needed to spend more money than I wanted to spend.

Uff da. It's been a long day. Controlling my urge to panic and pull the covers over my head, I finally made a decision late this afternoon. It was based on cost, tire reviews, who could get me in sooner rather than later, and who could also do an alignment the same day. I've made appointments for tomorrow, but the tires are not in stock and may not arrive tomorrow, so really nothing is certain yet. I dislike uncertainty.

I'm exhausted from my efforts today. My brain hurts. I'm still not sure how I'm going to pay for all of this. But I'm proud of myself for continuing to take the next right action, and the next, and the next, despite my fear and panic, in order to get this solved. Uff da. I need a nap.

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HBF said...

Wow, my head is spinning just from reading of your misadventures! I hope everything shakes out as well as it can. On a semi-related note, we have a shop nearby that does alignment, well, they call it "aligment" on their signs. I've always taken that as a bad sign ;) Best of luck, and drive safe!