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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Possible Plagiarism

This morning I discovered somebody has been copying my blog posts en masse. Actually, I discovered it last week, but it really became clear this morning. I have some tools connected to my blog which tell me when my content is being copied. It also tells me which posts are being copied. A few weeks ago, somebody copied all of January, 2008. Then a few days later, somebody copied all of February, 2008. This morning I discovered they are now working on March, 2008. I assume it is the same person because in each case he or she accessed my content through a server in Indonesia. That's what I know so far.

Those of you who've been reading for awhile know I've been through this in the past. That's why I now have the detection tools in place. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to pinpoint the exact person or site which is doing the copying. But I'm working on it! My concern is the mad-copier, since he or she is likely in Indonesia, may be re-posting my material in another language. There are plagiarism detector tools on the Web, but I'm not sure if any of them have the capability to check for plagiarism in which the language has been changed. And if this person is not re-posting my material on their own blog, what the heck are they doing with it? I'm irritated and concerned.

Why is this person doing this? Obviously, they have some goal in mind, as they are copying every post from the very beginning of my blog. Why are they copying my thoughts, feelings, and words en masse? I don't know yet, but I am working to find out. If any of you have experience with this, or are an internet savant, or know what steps I should take next, please let me know. Maybe together we can find the offender and put a stop to whatever it is he or she is planning to do with my material.


Julie Gathman said...

This is rather disturbing. Someone secretly stealing your writing. Sorry to say I have no knowledge of how to discover the culprit and get it stopped.

Katheryne Patterson said...


I am happy to hear that the ketamine is working...that you are feeling better. I'm sorry about the plagiarism. That is strange. Maybe this person is sharing it with others that it will help? I know that is stupidly optimistic and doesn't solve the problem at all.

The main thing is that YOU are feeling better. I know you are not feeling as good as you want to, yet. A friend of mine started taking abilify. It worked really well for me for about 4-5 months, but then it made me paranoid. I am trying to live vicariously through her. I keep asking her, "Don't you feel great?" I'm hopeful that the ketamine is going to get you to that level, too!

I remember being on it and thinking, "oh my this how normal people really feel?" It also caused me to gain about 40 pounds which I have lost. Woo hoo! I swear, if the paranoia hadn't begun, I would still be taking it. I've decided I'd rather be fat and not depressed.

I think you are going to continue to feel better. I am so proud of you. I know what you mean about trying hard not to let the sadness make you panic and get worse. You are doing such a great job. Remember to tell yourself that. One moment at a time...One moment at a time...And that is damn hard work and exhausting. I know it is. So proud of you for continuing to do that every day. I am praying for a full recovery of your leg and for your mood to continue to improve.

Much love from New Orleans Katy

Mohican said...

What an intriguing puzzlement.

I can't find any plagiarism/translation tools either. I took some key words from a January 2008 post, google-translated them into Indonesian and searched the web for them. No luck, and no luck with Chinese either. I don't see anything else to do for the time being except wait and see. I'm watching the Star Trek marathon on BBC America right now and all I can say is "Fascinating..."

Yes, I'm still following your posts.

etta said...

@ Mohican: Nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your efforts. I really appreciate you looking into this. I am certain you are way more skilled than I! Enjoy Star Trek.