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Friday, December 1, 2017

Plagiarist located

I've located the jerk who has been copying, word for word, my entire blog. The jerk has re-posted all of my material, again, word for word, in his/her own blog. It's so ridiculous! Many of my posts from 2008, which have been copied and re-posted, pertain to running in Minnesota, with Minnesota mentioned time and again. This jerk's blog is based out of Indonesia. I don't get it. I just don't get it!

Why would you create a blog, halfway across the world, and then copy the 9, almost 10, year old life story of somebody else? How low and pathetic is that? I've contacted the offender, and as politely as I could, asked him/her to remove all of my original content. As far as I can tell, that would be their entire blog. I've also sent in the evidence to Google. Hopefully that will result in the plagiarist's site being shut down.

As you can tell, I'm extremely frustrated and angry about this. I just don't understand the motive of reproducing another person's blog. Does the jerk think he/she is going to make some money off my words? That would be pretty amazing. I mean, I'm not making any money doing this! And if it isn't for money, what in the world motivates someone to do this? It's just pathetic. And maddening. And it can't be resolved soon enough.

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ashleyleia said...

You're right, it makes no sense and truly is pathetic. Hopefully Google will be able to kick this jackass to the curb.