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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Lost friends, injuries, running, hiking

Sometimes I don't realize how much I miss certain people until I accidentally run into them in the hardware store. That's exactly what happened yesterday. I ran into a couple I hadn't seen in a few years. They are friends I met in the local running community. Wonderful, fun, happy people. But I've been away from the local running community for several years due to my various injuries. And I'm not all that social. So despite the fact that he's been very supportive during times of struggle, and we laugh a lot when we're together, I'm not one to reach out just to say hello. They have their lives, I have mine, but maybe I should work on that reaching out thing.

It was so wonderful to see them yesterday. I was at the store to quickly return an item and then planned to be on my way, but once we connected we must have talked for 20 minutes. I could have talked and laughed with them for hours. As I left I realized how much I've missed spending time with them. Knowing me, it will take another accidental meeting before I see them again, but perhaps meeting them yesterday will spur me to say hello more often and more purposefully than that.

Speaking of running and injuries, I'm sort of injured again. Yup, I can't believe it either. I had worked my way up to running/walking (mostly running) 12.8 miles as recently as two weeks ago. In fact, I was up to running/walking almost 25 miles per week. But 3-4 days after that 12.8 mile run, which was on September 2nd, both of my calves tightened up, and both Achilles tendons began to hurt.

I backed off for several days. I just walked and rode my ElliptiGo. No problem. But every time I attempted to run, even jog super slowly, my Achilles tendons got very tight and sore. Of course, with my recent history of a right Achilles tendon tear and surgery, I was (and am) quite alarmed by this new development. My left Achilles is actually more sore than the right, but I don't want to risk another tear.

As a result of this development, I've shut down my running. I'm not going to be able to make my racing return in a couple weeks. The Twin Cities 10-Miler will go on without me. That sucks, and I'm very disappointed, but I have bigger fish to fry. By focusing on walking and my ElliptiGo, rather than running, I think I'll be okay hiking in Nepal.

I leave for my trip to the Himalayas in just 18 days. It feels like the day is approaching quicker and quicker! I'm anxious, but I think I've finally accumulated everything I need. I still need to organize Jet's care, house watching, yard maintenance, bill paying, and some transportation details. I also need to figure out Skype or some other type of free communication. I'm a bit of a tech/app neophyte, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Whew, I've got plenty yet to do!

With that realization, my anxiety level has again risen, so I'd better get busy. Right now!


Wendy Love said...

Skype is great if you have a computer. Facetime even better if you have an iphone and/or ipad and your friends and family have those too.
Haven't commented in a long time but read regularly.
Sorry to hear about further injury, life is a struggle for sure.
Wondering how your nephew is doing? I have been praying for him?
Enjoy that hiking trip! If I could see the world on foot I would travel more.

etta said...

@ Wendy: Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your thoughts. My nephew has had a setback. The tumor, of which the surgeons previously removed 80%, has come back. The docs, my nephew, and his parents, are still in discussion as to which way to approach things. In the meantime, he just returned to college for the Fall quarter. (They start late out there on the West coast.) So he's doing okay. Just a lot of uncertainty at this point. Thank you for asking.

Fran said...

Hi Etta, I second the FaceTime if you have Apple products. I just returned from hiking Kilimanjaro and it was amazing and brutal at the same time, lol. It was in my bucket list and I had a great time. Hiking is walking, obviously, so that's what I did for training. Altitude was another story but I made it to the summit. You'll have a great time! Best wishes!! Fran