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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Copy and Paste

It's happening again. Somebody is copying my blog posts. Again. The mad-copier has been working on several posts from December, 2008, and is now moving into January, 2009, as well as other random posts from other random dates and years. I'm sorry to have to be writing this again for those of you who've followed along for awhile, but for the person doing the copying, listen.

Perhaps you thought I'd have no way of knowing you were copying what I wrote, but I do. Perhaps you thought limiting your copying to 5 posts per day wouldn't tip me off, but it did. I not only know how many posts you've copied, I also know which posts you've copied and precisely how many words you've copied. I know more than you think.

I'd like to optimistically think you are copying my posts for some innocent reason, a reason which does not involve passing off my words as your own, but past history proves this has never been the case. So please, for your sake and mine, if you are publishing or plan to publish my posts in any way, shape or form, quit now. Unfortunately, out of necessity, I'm quite skilled at finding people who plagiarize. And I have never failed to identify a plagiarist in the past.

1 comment:

Paul said...

Really, you should say you have "a particular set of skills." That will put fear into them.

I had some of my posts mirrored on other sites without permission or notification, but they were identified as mine. I suppose I could have had plenty plagiarized and never known it.